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Project: Legion House

The Legion House project consisted of an iconic set of contemporary steel stairs in Sydney CBD, 161 Castlereagh Street in a building known as Legion House which is used for commercial offices.

The 25 metre high and 3 metre wide building has a decorative fire stair access and glass clad lift feature.

Steel-Stairs scope included the supply and installation of the steelwork as the metal and stair manufacturer including the patch fittings to support 280 pieces of glass. The steel work consisted of a fabricated set of curved stair landings with 2 flights each that is stackable for the full 7 levels. The steel stringers support the concrete landings.

The commercial steel stairs were fabricated and assembled In Steel-Stairs factory and transported to site primarily to minimise on-site labour. This was a difficult task due to the transportation being during the Christmas/New Year period. This made council approvals and permits difficult because of the size of the geometric steel stairs. There were 7 truckloads in total with one set of stairs on each load. Each load was oversize, requiring permits for lanes and streets that needed to be closed to allow access on site and unloading of the trucks.

Instead of galvanised steel stairs, the multi-level staircase was painted with intumescent paint. The advantage of this is that in the event of a fire the paint will expand from its original thickness preventing the temperature of the steel from rising too high by forming an insulating material. A stylish stainless steel balustrade was chosen in lieu of a timber balustrade to meet the fire stair requirements.

In Sydney, stairs are very unique and different, they have their own style, their own personality, and Steel-Stairs are realising this more and more as each project presents an exciting new challenge for the team and designer of the steel stairs to overcome.