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Project: Macquarie Bank Commercial Stairs Sydney

Located at No. 1 Martin Place in Sydney, Steel-Stairs was involved in a refurbishment project located inside a heritage building and adjacent to the Hotel Tower for the new Macquarie Bank Headquarters.

The interior and stair designer intended the area to allow greater communication and interactivity between teams and workplaces and to provide a more collaborative work environment, which was largely achieved through the open plan design and the interconnecting custom staircases.

The staircases stretched over 3 floors, with 2 sets of staircases. The stairs feature open risers and have a vinyl inlay to meet the anti-slip code.

A custom balustrade made out of stainless steel and traditional stair handrails completed the modern staircases in a modern design finish required on many of our commercial steel stairs.

A major part of the project was cutting out penetrations on 2 levels through the concrete slab which was done at night, in the presence of water, vibration and heavy electrical equipment. This undertaking is often used in refurbishment projects needing metal stairs in Sydney.

Stringent lead times, refurbishment work and the many tasks including cutting out the slab penetrations, fire rating, surveying, fabrication and installation of stairs, glazing, stainless steel and finishes meant it was a difficult project that had to be managed very precisely, and could only be done by professional stair builders.

There are many Sydney stairs that steel-stairs have completed; this is simply a small snapshot of one project where we completed 2 sets of stairs.

Steel-Stairs are your go-to contact, using this same range of skills and experience for not only commercial staircases, but traditional staircases, steel fire stairs and apartment stairs – we have completed all types of stairs in Sydney and the surrounding regions.