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Project: Antias Apartments

The Antias Apartments, situated in Jacksons Landing is one of the final buildings of the waterfront redevelopment for the area which also includes the developments Silk, Evolve, Stone Cutters, Sugar Dock and many others.

This particular building features contemporary apartments with sustainable building design and a coveted 4 star Green-Star Multi unit Residential rating.

The stair handrails on this project were particularly difficult with intricate curved stair handrail returns. The handrail returns have a helix shape, but are slightly different to usual with a particularly tight radius and very steep pitch, which meant that the helix was not able to be made using the more traditional fabrication means. The staircase needed to have an industrial balustrade and stair style incorporated into the design which would match with the rest of the development.

Having a modular handrailing system on this project was not an option, as each stair handrail had to be made precisely for the stair to fit behind the glass façade work. The staircases were installed adjacent to an existing glass façade, so it was paramount that the existing glass façade got protection from any possible damage.

Slightly adjustable handrails were an imperative detail for the site crew, considering the tight tolerances on glass and concrete across all the different floor levels.

The project clearly shows the competency and skill necessary for the detail design and construction work while considering acoustic vibration isolation details which prevent vibrational transfer into the building slabs as well as many other challenges that needed to be solved.