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Project: Cyclo Office Interiors Staircase

Located in Wollongong on the South Coast is this iconic steel spiral staircase.  It was architecturally designed to have a modern style that resonates throughout the space combining style with the durability and longevity found in the steel stairs.  For Steel Stairs it proved to be a challenging and satisfying project to work on.

In the original design the customer wanted a glass balustrade, but there was no way to support it safely and maintain the curved theme of the spiral stair case, instead stainless steel wire was used on the outside for protection, and a stainless tube on the inside as a handrail, which achieved a much more aesthetic final result.

The steel staircase consists of a curved plate stringer with treads cantilevered off the stringer.  The stainless steel wire which supports the cantilevered treads is restrained in the ceiling and also acts as a balustrade.

The project had to be completed outside of normal work hours as it was an occupied building with a short time period for completion. The need for redesign and some creative thinking around fabrication and installation was kept within the original time frame for stair design and the helical stairs were completed successfully within the allotted time frame.