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Formwork Stairs

Steel Stair Formwork is an alternative to our complete Fire Stairs solutions. This is a permanent pre-fabricated steel form system consisting of steel risers, stringers, soffits and bottom layer of reinforcing.
Reduced construction times – achieved because manufacture and site preparation can occur simultaneously with quick and straight forward installation, ensuring faster enclosure of the structure, minimal delay to work being carried out by other trades, and limited site congestion with no delays resulting from external weather conditions.

  • Increased construction and site safety.
  • Substantial cost savings over conventional formwork methods.
  • Faster material and personnel movements on site as each level progresses.
  • Quick installation saving time with some stairs ready for use in 24 hours.
  • Increased harmonious industrial relations due to increased accessibility.
  • Permanent steel handrails may be fitted immediately eliminating the need for temporary safety rails.
  • No more topping of stairs to repair damage which occurs during construction.
  • Accuracy of construction will satisfy the demands of modern sites.

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